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Balloon Artist

Bring Joy and Wonder to Every Party with Fun and Interactive Balloon Twisting

“He is AMAZING! Great with all of the kids, and truly extraordinary talent in balloon creations. My daughter remembers him every year, and he’s a big reason we go to this restaurant. Highly recommend!”

Jennifer L.

Mr. Archer’s Balloons!

4.9 Five-Star Google Reviews

Let Mr. Archer blow your mind at your next event with his creations!

You know what Mr. Archer always says?

“If you can visualize it,

There’s nothing Mr. Archer can’t make out of balloons!

Dogs, Flowers, Pirates, Princesses…Dragons? Oh boy,
he can balloonatize it ALL!

How do turtles communicate with each other?

On their shell phone! They use the Sea-Mobile network

What did 1 banana say to the other banana when they saw a monkey?

It’s time to split!


Who is in charge of cleaning the ocean?


What do you call a dog with no legs?

I don’t know, but whatever you call him, he isn’t coming to you.

How did the chicken become so rich?

He was always making a BAWK!

When You Book Mr. Archer, Balloon Artist Extraordinaire, expect the kiddos in your party to look like these

Treat your guests to world-class balloon entertainment

From private family events to kid’s birthday parties, the audience always says “WOW”.

Balloon Twisting

Balloon Show

Mr. Archer’s talent has made him a true celebrity in Charlotte’s entertainment industry. His performances are fun, interactive, educational, and amazing.

The Amazing Mr. Archer Magic

How would we describe your event with Mr. Archer in it?
“Nothing short of awe-mazing.”

Customizable Balloon Show

Perfect for Audiences of All Ages

Can be Performed in Both Small and Large Venues

Matches any Party or Event Theme

Of course, you can expect all the kids (and kids at heart) to

Receive a unique balloon figure souvenir!

Have a ton of laughter and make new friends

Learn a new lesson about life and friendship

Create memories to look back on and share with their friends

Want to give your guests and birthday kid this experience?

Passion Turned into a Profession

Mr. Archer’s love to entertain and create artistic balloon figures began with a childhood gift – a balloon-twisting book.

Mr. Archer’s journey in the world of entertainment and artistic balloon figures began with a childhood gift – a balloon-twisting book. This early passion has since flourished into a professional career spanning over two decades, deeply rooted in a love for bringing joy and smiles through the art of balloon crafting.

His natural talent for balloon art was first recognized at a baseball game, marking the beginning of his remarkable journey as a professional entertainer. Mr. Archer excels in captivating both children and adults with tricks and stunts that most have never seen before.

He can climb inside a balloon, entertain with his humorous, corny jokes, and create animated balloon figures. His performances are so unique and engaging that we guarantee they will be the talk of the town for weeks, making your child feel like a true celebrity.

But Mr. Archer’s commitment goes beyond mere entertainment. He aims to establish a birthday party center that offers a complete, themed experience. This vision, coupled with his continuous pursuit of learning new skills and expanding into balloon décor, sets his work apart from others.

Mr. Archer “balloonatizes” your imagination, turning visions into colorful, tangible joy. He is more than just a balloon artist; he’s a bearer of happiness, delivering joy and wonder one balloon twist at a time.

What Happy Parents Say About Mr. Archer

Moms and dads looking for an awe-mazing entertainment read these reviews, too. Now they’ve left happy comments for you.
Mr. Archer is fun, friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. His talents far exceed those of the "normal" balloon artist and his passion for his work is evident in each fantastically made balloon creation!

Jonathan C.

If you're looking for something different for a birthday celebration - invite Mr. Archer. I had Mor. Archer come to my son's class for his birthday. He showed up early and made all the random things the kid;s requested - from a spider to a dragon to an ant to a unicorn. He made it all without breaking a sweat. Very cool stuff! So much better than a simple birthday cake. (Full disclosure - Mr. Archer made a cake for my son out of balloons too!)
It's no surprise that Mr. Archer has consistently received 5 stars. He was amazing to work with and made our kids' birthday/adoption party so special. The kids had a great time and loved all his creations. He was super responsive and flexible with us when COVID threw us curve balls. HIGHLY recommended!
  Meghan B.
He STOLE the party! He interacts with the kids, he creates anything you ask and he even entertained us adults. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him. He's seriously the best! Will use again! He even brought a hure birthday display for my son. Great entertainment for ALL AGES!!
Carrie S.
I've ordered his work twice!! He has to be the absolute best at what he does with these balloons!! 5 stars is underrated he deserves way more!! If you haven't booked him get aboard I promise you won't be disappointed.

Monica M.

He is awesome and interacts with both parents and children. Has some funny jokes and does an Amazing job making the balloons to what is expected!!
Baldo H.
Mr. Acher was on time. The children were so excited at his creations. Definitely a great experience for kids birthday party! We used his balloons as party gifts. Kids asked for Obama and Trump creations! He's surely did a great job!
Nathaniel H.
I saw Mr. Archer create at zootastic he made my daughter such a cool purple cat. He is also very funny. He's fantastic with children. Any party or event would be lucky to have him talents. He is an artist in the truest form.
Kayla C.
Mr. Archer and I have been at a lot of events together including non-profit events where he has used his amazing gifts and talents! His spirit of excellence always comes through in his interactions with children and adults! He continually amazes me with his results and never has met a challenge he could not ballonatize! Would highly recommend for any celebration event you have. PS Every event planner should have him on speed dial:)
Nancy W.

Do you want your kid’s birthday to go from boring to extraordinary?

We guarantee it will be the talk of the town for weeks.
He will make your child feel like a true celebrity.

Birthdays could be like this:

Fun and engaging with a custom balloon show

Exciting with one balloon twisting souvenir for each child

Festive with beautifully crafted balloon decor like arches, columns, sculptures, and more.

Experience the Thrill of a Live Balloon Show

Have you ever wondered how a Balloon Ladybug or a Jellyfish comes to life? It all starts with The Amazing Mr. Archer preparing for his balloon twisting shows.
Here’s how he does it:

Fun and engaging with a custom balloon show

First, Mr. Archer goes on a hunt for the stretchiest, most colorful balloons out there. He chooses the ones that won’t pop when twisted into something wacky. And yes, he prefers the eco-friendly kind – because even balloon artists think green!

Doodling for Ideas

Armed with a pencil (and probably a cup of coffee), Mr. Archer doodles away, brainstorming balloon animals and shapes that are sure to wow. He’s always cooking up something new, like a unicorn with a three-foot horn or a dragon that breathes real (balloon) fire.

Twist and Shout

Before the show, you’ll find him twisting and turning balloons into all sorts of shapes. He’s like a balloon ninja, making sure his fingers stay nimble and his creations stay pop-free.

Making the Crowd Go Wild

Mr. Archer isn’t just about balloons; he’s about belly laughs, too. He plans jokes and funny stories to tell while he’s twisting. Plus, he loves taking wild ideas from the audience. Ever seen a balloon spaghetti monster? You might, at his show!”

Choose the Perfect Package for You

These packages are all age-appropriate.
Additional requests or customizations will require a specific quote.

What a Balloon Twisting Show Look Like

Want to see a balloon artist extraordinaire in action?
Then, this show is what you’re looking for!
Balloon dog as big as a human? An octopus riding an airplane? A life-size Disney princess?


With balloons in hand and a smile on his face, Mr. Archer can create almost ANYTHING.

Let’s bring this awe-mazing show at your kid’s birthday!

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What types of events are suitable for Mr. Archer's balloon shows?

Mr. Archer’s balloon shows are perfect for many events, including birthday parties, school events, festivals, corporate gatherings, and more. His shows are designed to captivate and entertain audiences of all ages.

How long does a typical balloon show last?

A typical balloon show lasts from 1 to 3 hours, but this can be adjusted to fit the specific needs and schedule of your event.

Can Mr. Archer create custom balloon designs related to my event's theme?

Mr. Archer’s balloon shows are perfect for many events, including birthday parties, school events, festivals, corporate gatherings, and more. His shows are designed to captivate and entertain audiences of all ages.

Is there a minimum age requirement for children at the balloon show?

There is no strict minimum age requirement, but the shows are generally best suited for children aged 3 and above. Younger children are welcome but should be accompanied by an adult for safety.

How far in advance should I book Mr. Archer's balloon show?

It’s recommended to book as early as possible, especially for popular dates. A lead time of at least 4-6 weeks is advisable to ensure Mr. Archer’s availability for your event.

Does Mr. Archer's balloon show require any special setup or space?

Mr. Archer’s show is flexible and can be adapted to various spaces. However, a clear, open area is preferred for the best experience. Specific requirements can be discussed during the booking process.

Are the balloon materials used in the show safe and environmentally friendly?

Safety is a top priority. Mr. Archer uses high-quality latex balloons, which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. However, children should always be supervised during the show to prevent choking hazards.

Fun. Engaging. Awe-mazing.